10 Latest Trends in Baby Teething Toys and Accessories

Stop Your child from putting things in there mouth. A baby teething toy is a specially designed toy that helps infants cope with the discomfort and pain that comes with the teething process. It is typically made from safe, non-toxic materials and designed with different textures and shapes to help soothe the baby’s gums and promote healthy teeth growth. offering a variety of high-quality teething toys can be a great way to help parents provide relief for their little ones while also ensuring the safety and well-being of the baby. 

The 10 latest trends in baby teething toys and accessories to help you make the best choices for your little one.

Teething Mittens

Teething mittens for Baby which you can buy online are soft, chewable mittens that are designed to help soothe and relieve discomfort for babies who are teething. Typically, these items are crafted from materials that are harmless and free of toxins, and are available in a diverse array of colors and styles.

Teething mittens can be worn by babies to provide relief from teething pain while also protecting their hands from getting chewed on. Some teething mittens which are also called baby teething gloves also have additional features such as crinkly or squeaky textures to provide additional sensory stimulation for babies to buy online.

Baby mittens

Teething rings

Teething rings are small toys designed to soothe babies’ sore gums during the teething process. Infants find them easy to grasp and chew on because they are usually composed of plastic or rubber. Some teething rings may also feature various textures and bumps to provide additional relief for the baby’s gums. 

By cooling teething rings in the refrigerator, the gums can be further numbed, providing additional relief from discomfort. They are a popular and safe option for parents to help ease their child’s teething pain.

Baby teether ring

Teething toothbrushes

Teething toothbrushes are specially designed toothbrushes for infants and toddlers who are teething and experiencing discomfort in their gums. These toothbrushes typically have soft bristles and textured surfaces that massage the gums and provide relief from teething pain. 

Some teething toothbrushes also have handles or shapes that are easy for young children to hold and manipulate, helping them develop good dental hygiene habits from an early age. Teething toothbrushes can be used with or without toothpaste and should be replaced regularly as they wear down over time.

Baby teething toothbrushes

Pacifier Teethers

Pacifier teethers are a convenient two-in-one solution for teething babies who also use pacifiers. These toys have a pacifier-like nipple on one end and a teething toy on the other. Pacifier teethers are small, soft toys designed for babies to chew on and soothe their teething pain. They are typically made of silicone or rubber and come in various shapes and sizes. 

Some pacifier teethers also have a handle or ring that allows babies to grip and hold onto them. The combination of pacifier and teether functions make them a popular choice for parents who want to soothe their baby’s discomfort while also providing them with something to suck on. They are also easy to clean and can be sterilized for hygiene purposes.

Baby pacifier teethers

Chewable Jewelry

Chewable jewelry is a new trend that is both stylish and functional. Necklaces and bracelets made of silicone or rubber provide a safe and convenient way for babies to chew and soothe their sore gums. Chewable jewelry refers to accessories designed for people, especially children, to chew on as a way to provide sensory stimulation, relieve anxiety, or redirect oral fixation behaviors. 

These items can take the form of necklaces, bracelets, or pendants made of safe and durable materials such as silicone or rubber. Chewable jewelry has gained popularity among parents, educators, and therapists as a tool for individuals with special needs, including those with ADHD, autism, or sensory processing disorders, to improve focus, reduce stress, and promote self-regulation.

Baby chewable jewelry

Personalized Teething Toys

Personalized teething toys are a unique and special way to give your baby a toy that’s all their own. Many companies offer customized teething toys with your baby’s name or initials. Personalized teething toys are toys designed for infants to help soothe the discomfort and pain associated with teething. 

These toys can be customized and feature different textures and shapes that are safe for babies to chew on. The personalization adds a special touch and can make the toy a cherished keepsake for the child and their family. Additionally, personalized teething toys can also help with sensory development and provide a safe, non-toxic alternative to traditional teething remedies.

Baby personalized teething toys

Sensory Teething Toys

Sensory teething toys are designed to engage babies’ senses and help them learn while they play. Toys with bright colors, different textures, and interesting shapes can stimulate babies’ senses and provide a fun and educational experience. The different textures also help massage the gums, providing comfort to the baby’s sore mouth. 

Sensory teething toys can be made of various materials, including silicone, rubber, and fabric, and are often designed to be easy for babies to grip and manipulate. These toys are considered a safe and effective alternative to traditional teething remedies such as gels and teething rings.

Baby sensory teething toys

Teething Necklaces

Teething necklaces are necklaces designed for infants and toddlers to wear while they are teething. These necklaces are typically made of soft, non-toxic materials, such as silicone or wood, and feature small, chewable beads that babies can safely chew on to relieve the discomfort of teething. 

Some teething necklaces also come with additional features, such as textured surfaces or cooling elements, to provide additional relief for teething babies. It’s important to note that teething necklaces should always be used under adult supervision and removed during naps and bedtime to avoid any potential choking hazards.

Baby teething necklaces

Teething Toys with Sound

Teething toys with sound are designed to help soothe babies’ gums during the teething process while also providing auditory stimulation. These toys often come in various shapes and sizes, made from soft and safe materials for babies to chew on. 

The sound feature, such as rattles or crinkles, can capture babies’ attention and enhance their sensory development. Additionally, teething toys with sound can help distract babies from discomfort and provide a source of entertainment.

Baby teething toys with sound

Teething Toys with Cooling Properties

Teething can be especially uncomfortable for babies when their gums are swollen and sore. Teething toys with cooling properties, such as a gel-filled ring that can be chilled in the fridge, can provide extra relief for teething babies. 

These toys are usually made of soft, chewable materials that are safe for babies to put in their mouths. They also have cooling properties, either through the use of a gel that can be chilled in the refrigerator or by being filled with water that can be frozen. The cooling sensation can provide relief for sore gums and help reduce inflammation.


There are many exciting new trends in baby teething toys and accessories to explore. From natural materials to personalized toys, there’s a teething solution out there for every baby and parent. When choosing a baby teether toy online, always consider safety first and look for products that are made of non-toxic materials and free from harmful chemicals. With the right teething toys and accessories, you can help your baby through this challenging but important developmental stage. The recent trending teether online is baby teething glove or Teether mittens.