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5 Top Cold Chain Packaging Companies In 2023

5 Top Cold Chain Packaging Companies In 2023

Cold chain packaging is specially designed to keep products or materials within precise temperature requirements. Cold chain facilities are essential for the transportation of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other sensitive materials that require precise control of storage environment. This packaging method needs to maintain a certain level of temperatures in order to prevent spoilage.

The packaging typically includes insulation materials such as plastic film and foam sheets. The design of these materials reduces the rate at which heat can escape from the contents to the outside environment.

What is Cold Chain Packaging?

Cold chain packaging is the process of ensuring that the temperature and humidity of a product are maintained to a certain level, to prevent any degradation of the product. It is used to transport, store and deliver products that are sensitive to changes in temperature or moisture.

Cold chain packaging is also known as cold chain distribution. It is a system that has been developed to help manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers maintain the temperature and quality of their products during transport.

This system includes a network of storage facilities that are connected by refrigerated or frozen transportation channels or pipelines. These pipelines allow cold chain products to be transported without compromising their quality or safety.

What are The Benefits That Come With Cold Chain Packaging?

Cold chain packaging is a system in which the product is kept at its ideal temperature. This means that the product will not spoil or get damaged due to heat exposure. Cold chain systems are used for food, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

Cold chain packaging is essential to ensure that the product being created remains safe and secure. The benefits of cold chain packaging are many, including increased safety, enhanced health, and reduced energy costs.

The benefits of cold chain packaging can be seen in terms of cost savings, increased quality and safety, as well as time and labor efficiency. A company can reduce their operating cost by an average of 20-40% by utilizing these cold chain packaging methods.

How to Choose a Cold Chain Packaging Company?

Every aspect of the supply chain is important, and cold chain packaging is no exception. Picking the right company to handle your cold chain packaging needs can be a difficult process, but it’s an important one. 

There are several considerations when selecting a Cold Chain Packaging Company:

  • The type of products the company is producing
  • The company’s experience in handling a certain type of product
  • Company’s reputation
  • Whether or not the company offers a reusable cold chain packing material that can be used multiple times
  • Company’s insurance coverage

The process of cold chain packaging involves the handling, transport, and storage of food and products to ensure that they remain fit for human consumption at the time of use. There are many benefits to being part of a cold chain, but it is also important to ensure that the products remain safe and secure throughout the process.

Finally, you’ll want to compare prices between different companies to make sure you’re getting the best deal. By taking the time to do your research, you can be sure you’re choosing the right company for your shipping needs.

Following is a list of top cold chain packaging companies:

1. TempAidTempaid logo

TempAid, a division of Rapid Aid Corp., has been the leading global developer and manufacturer of temperature-related solutions for the healthcare, transportation, food, and retail sectors since 1975. Their patented, proprietary products are designed specifically to maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive products. Whether looking for a private label or TempAid branded product, cold chain packaging from TempAid allows to innovate and lower costs.

The company is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and proudly produces over 400 products in Canada and wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in China and Vietnam.

2. Sealed Air
Sealed air logo

Their cold chain and temperature-controlled packaging solutions protect your temperature-sensitive products including fresh or frozen food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Cold chain packaging solutions reduce void fill, insulate against temperature changes, and minimize freight cost. They offer a variety of leading packaging solutions that preserve product integrity by preventing damage during the shipping cycle.

Reduce product damage with cushioning products from BUBBLE WRAP® brand including air pillows, inflatable packaging, and bubble cushioning.

3. CryopakCryopak logo

Cryopak is a complete packaging solutions provider specializing in the field of temperature-controlled packaging. From needs assessment to package qualification, Cryopak handles your packaging projects with one paramount goal: Maintaining the integrity of your products.

Their materials and processes cover the spectrum from converting EPS or fabricating boxes to manufacturing phase change materials and temperature monitors.

With Cryopak, you can expect quality materials and superior service from an industry-leading team of experts whose primary goal is to protect the integrity of your products.

4. SoftboxSoftbox logo

Softbox is an award-winning temperature control packaging innovator that has been designing and producing high-performance passive temperature control packaging systems for over 20 years. They offer consistent quality to their clients from their strategically located global manufacturing sites throughout EMEA, Americas, India and Asia Pacific.

They have formed long-standing partnerships with the world’s leading biotech, pharmaceutical, clinical research and logistics, and apply innovative thinking to overcome the challenges that their clients face in managing the cold chain when shipping temperature-sensitive commercial and clinical trial products.


5. Nordic Cold Chain Solutions

Nordic cold chain solutions logo

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions is committed to providing quality, cost-effective solutions for your packaging needs. With more than a decade of service, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions serves the meal kit and pharmaceutical industries with the highest quality temperature-controlled packaging products and services. Built as a family business, Nordic Cold Chain Solutions partners with each of its clients to create custom solutions that meet and exceed expectations for temperature controlled packaging and manufacturing.


This type of packaging helps ensure that all products are intact and safe. If a product arrives at its destination with no damage to the package, then it is clear that the package was adequately designed to keep cold products fresh during transportation.

There are many unique things that come with this packaging that make it ideal for transporting products. Above article will help you to find top cold chain packaging companies for quality products and services.