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5 Best Access Control Systems Installation Companies in Dallas Fort Worth TX

5 Best Access Control Systems Installation Companies in Dallas Fort Worth TX

An access control system is used to regulate entry into an area. These systems are often used to protect sensitive information, provide security for restricted areas, restrict physical access to a property.

There are many different types of access control systems which each have their own unique benefits. Physical barriers can be used in order to stop people from entering an area without permission or attempting to bypass the door lock system. Timed locks are often used in order to give people limited access for a set duration of time.

Here is list of best access control systems installation companies in Dallas Fort Worth TX:

1. Network Cabling Services (NCS)

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For over 40 years, NCS has been providing quality products and installation of reliable communication infrastructure solutions for today’s ever-changing networking environment. NCS sets the industry standards for seamless local, regional, and national products, services, and safety. They work with some of the most prestigious universities, hospitals, and industrial leaders to install custom mobility, audio visual, security, networking, and other smart building capabilities to drive forward their technology initiatives. NCS is certified and trained in over 100 different manufacturing lines.


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Openpath was created by a team of serial entrepreneurs who were tired of forgetting their office keys at home, frustrated with having to carry multiple badges to get into their buildings, and seriously worried about the security of their workspace given the state of the world today.

They’ve worked extremely hard to build a company that can offer a new, seamless style of security that takes advantage of the latest technologies and makes people feel safe at work. Access Control is the flagship product in their mission to improve the quality and safety of the modern workspace through automation.

3.Kelltech Systems

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Kelltech Systems is a leading Dallas electronics integrator, with over 30 years of experience in security, automation, and entertainment systems. From installing custom residential and commercial security systems, to designing smart homes and intelligent businesses, to building high-end home theaters and entertainment systems, they specialize in making life simpler, safer, and a lot more fun.

Electronics technology has come a long way — but even the most state-of-the-art systems are only useful if you know how to use them. At Kelltech Systems, they select high quality systems with intuitive user interfaces, making it easy to use your security, automation, or entertainment system. With simple operation and detailed in-person training, they ensure their customers are comfortable enjoying their new technology.

4.Orion Access Control Systems

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Orion Access Control Systems has over 3 Decades of Experience serving the Dallas Forth Metroplex Texas. Orion Access Simplicity, freedom, and cost savings are behind the rapid adoption of Access Control Solutions in DFW. Their team of expert engineers, technicians, welders, and installers works diligently to meet requirements and exceed customer expectations.

They are proud of their customer service track record, and their commitment to quality is unmatched. Orion Access Control System gives you the flexibility to control your property from any device and monitor your valuable assets.


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For over 30 years, Infassure has made office technology easier. Simpler. Yes, even enjoyable. Whether you need structured wiring, security, audio/visual or communications systems – or all of the above – Infassure delivers completely integrated, thoroughly innovative, astonishingly economical solutions.

Infassure provides expert technical services in a variety of fields. See what their capabilities are and how their technological solutions can help your company. With top-of-the-line solutions, such as biometric access control systems and mobile access, Infassure’s security system installers will put the power of technology on your side.


Access control systems are used in many places for various purposes. These include the prevention of unauthorized entry into restricted areas. An access control system for residential or commercial use can be a great way to help protect your property. Do check the best access control systems installation company in Dallas Fort Worth TX.